Several gossip sites are reporting that Odell Beckham has been MIA from “non-mandatory” practices over the past few weeks, due to the fact that someone has had his attention: Iggy Azalea.

According to rumors, the 2 have been spending time together behind closed doors, and Azalea has the Giants wide receiver SO sprung that he is turning down the extra practices that most players welcome during the off season in order to maintain their conditioning. There have been reports of sitings of the “couple” on numerous dates, and blog sites quickly ran with stories on the budding romance. 

According to video released by TMZ, however, Azalea insists that the 2 have never even met one another. People from Odell’s camp are cosigning, saying that they are most definitely NOT an item, despite the out-of-control rumor mill.

So what do you think? Is this another case of rumor control gone wrong? Or are these 2 just trying to keep their new relationship under wraps, a-la Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes? 

Either way, the truth WILL come out!


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