Despite his history as a self-proclaimed white supremacist, Sean Urbanski is not being charged with a hate crime at this time. Angela D. Alsobrooks, state attorney for Prince George’s County, Md., said that Sean Urbanski’s motives for stabbing Richard Collins III to death were still unclear, the New York Times has reported.

Collins, who was a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army, was waiting with friends for an Uber when he was confronted and stabbed to death by a drunk and violent assailant, who was later identified as Urbanski. 

It was later discovered that Urbanski is a member of a Facebook group called Alt-Reich: Nation, which has a propensity for using offensive, derogatory and racist commentary against women, Latinos, Jewish persons, and especially, people of African American descent. 

While Urbanski, 22, has already been charged with assault as well as first and second degree murder in the death of the 23 year old graduating senior, the “hate crime” charge may not be completely off the table. 

“We do not have enough evidence to say conclusively whether this is a hate crime,” state attorney Angela D. Alsobrooks said, adding,  “What we can say is that we will leave no stone unturned.”

2nd Lieutenant Richard Collins III would have graduated from Bowie State University this morning. 


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