They say ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’, and Robert Griffin III is learning this the hard way via his now ex wife, Rebecca. RGIII and Rebecca, who were college sweethearts, are said to have separated in 2016 after Rebecca learned that Griffin was seeing another woman, Florida State University track athlete Grete Sadeiko.

 Now, with the ink barely dry on the divorce documents, Griffin has proposed to a very pregnant Sadeiko. The couple took to social media to share in the bliss of the super cute wedding proposal. 

Obviously, Grete said ‘Yes’ … and then posted a statement saying, “Today was the happiest day of my life and the last 8 months have been the most exciting time ever.”

She also said, “We are one month away from welcoming our beautiful baby into this world.” (TMZ)

Well Griffin’s new ex is definitely NOT happy. She is now demanding a whopping $36k per month in support, stating that she spends this amount monthly in order to “maintain herself, their daughter, and homes in Texas and Virginia.” She claims that Robert has cut off her AMEX Platinum card and blocked access to money she previously had access to, leaving her unable to pay utility bills and for pool service. 

Griffin contends that per their prenuptial agreement, any monetary concessions are to be handled through arbitration; Rebecca’s lawyers, however, argued that arbitration can not apply, since certain issues like child custody and child support, weren’t in the prenup and cannot be arbitrated.

Look for this story to get uglier and uglier. As you may remember, Rebecca was completely blindsided by RGIII’s filing for divorce last year. We seriously doubt she’s going to just watch the next chapter of his life cheering from the sidelines. She appears to be out for blood, and this time even an iron-clad prenup may not be adequate offense.


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