Serena Williams, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Alexis Ohanian, could have never expected to be defending herself against comments from a fellow tennis legend. However, as of Monday, that’s exactly what she’s doing.

In an interview on NPR, John McEnroe, who was once ranked the number one player in the world (March 3, 1980), was asked to rank several professional tennis players of note. When asked where he would rank Serena Williams, he stated:

The baffled interviewer continued:

Needless to say, Ms. Williams did not take too kindly to hearing news of a fellow great saying in essence “She’s pretty good…for a girl….”

After a heated Twitter debate between fans on both sides of the issue, Williams attempted to quietly put the issue to bed, asking Mr. McEnroe to ‘have several seats’ in the most polite way possible:


McEnroe, who went on CBS This Morning today, defended his comments and refused to apologize, stating that he didn’t feel an apology was “necessary” and that he “didn’t know” his statements “would create controversy.” 

He went on to say that on his imaginary list, he would be ranked “currently, about 1,200th in the world.”

It’s interesting to note that in April, Serena Williams won the Australian Open – for the 7th time – while pregnant. 


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