Odell Edwards, father of Jordan Edwards, th 15 year old who was gunned down by officer Roy Oliver on April 29, has filed a lawsuit against Oliver and the city that employed the him. Jordan, who was unarmed, was shot in the back of the head by Oliver while riding in the front seat of a car leaving a party with two friends, twin brothers Maximus and Maxwell Everette.

The lawsuit, filed at a federal district court in Dallas on Friday by Odell Edwards, seeks undisclosed damages from the former Balch Springs police officer, as well as from the city of Balch Springs, located just outside of Dallas. It alleges the two brothers were subject to racist comments in the aftermath of the shooting, and the brother who sat beside Edwards when he died was actually handcuffed at the scene for hours, but was never charged with a crime. 

Oliver was fired from the police department following the shooting.

The lawsuit contends that Oliver, who is white, was not adequately trained by the city of Balch Springs, and he was known to have a history of aggressive behavior when dealing with people from the small town. 

Oliver was arrested and charged with murder on Friday. He has since been released on bail. 


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