Former Massachusetts State chemist Annie Dookhan has pleaded guilty to falsifying thousands of test results, as well as tampering with evidence, in what appears to be one of the most heinous acts of widespread and repeated injustice known to date. Dookhan admitted to falsifying the results in almost 20,000 drug cases from 2003 to 2012, causing thousands of people to be convicted of crimes they ultimately may not have committed. 

During her testimony, Dookhan admitted to intentionally contaminating specimens, which resulted in false positive results in many cases. She also admitted to “dry labbing”, a process in which she used the results from one test in several different cases, without further testing. 

As a result of her conviction, over 15,000 drug convictions have been overturned, and the numbers could continue to climb. 

Dookhan was convicted in 2013 and sentenced to 3 – 5 years in prison. She was released last year. 


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