If there’s any time NOT to be self-centered, that time would be in the wake of a tragedy as heinous as the terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester this past week. Grande is understandably upset, and has released several statements to fans relaying her heartbreak. Many fans and celebrities have also taken to social media to speak out against the devastating attack. 

Not too terribly surprising that a Kardashian or two would want to get in on the publicity surrounding the senseless tragedy, and this time Kim was the one who decided to weigh in first. But when Kardashian West made the horrible incident all about her, fans were NOT having it.

Here is the post that had fans heated:

Needless to say, fans were LIVID that Kim chose to make the bombing, which killed 22 and injured 59, another excuse to post a selfie.

Excerpt from Refinery29

Fans reactions were brutally honest:

Kardashian West opted to take down the post. 


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