Just when the grossly insensitive Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner was quietly rotting in a proverbial graveyard, deep in the basement of Pepsi Inc., here comes a second serving of tone deaf-ness, hot and fresh out of the oven. 

In commemoration of their 10th anniversary, Vogue India chose to overlook the plethora of beautiful Indian models they could have chosen and place Jenner on the cover, much to the chagrin of a still-reeling-over-Pepsi internet. 

While no one questions Jenner’s statuesque beauty, many people are upset at the insinuation that of the estimated 1.5 BILLION people in India, NO model of Indian descent made the cut. The magazine chose, instead, to insert Jenner into authentic Indian backdrops and use her image to celebrate their phenomenal 10 year success. 

Some Twitter reactions include:

…and these are just a few. There were literally THOUSANDS of tweets from people who are livid over Vogue’s decision to have Jenner represent India on such a monumental milestone. Add to that the humiliation of the tone deaf Pepsi ad and her attachment to the colossal failure of the Fyre Festival (Jenner was considered a “partner” for the festival, and used her notoriety and influence to promote heavily for it), SOMEBODY might just be having the Worst. Month. Ever. 

…or is “All Publicity Good Publicity”? Maybe she and momager Kris are the only ones in on the joke. 


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