Former basketball player and ex-head coach Derek Fisher was arrested on suspicion of DUI early Sunday morning after crashing his 2015 Escalade on a Los Angeles freeway. According to reports, he veered onto a shoulder on the right side of the entrance before hitting a metal guard, flipping the truck and sending it spinning on its roof. 

Neither he nor his girlfriend, Basketball Wives alum Gloria Govan, were injured in the crash.

The incident has many people on the internet speculating about how this may be “karma” or “payback” for Fisher dating his former teammate and friend Matt Barnes’ ex-wife, Govan. Incidentally, Barnes currently plays for Golden State, up 2-0 in the NBA finals.

As you may recall, Barnes and Fisher got into a heated altercation after news of the budding relationship between Govan and Fisher became public. 

Derek Fisher has been dating Gloria Govan since 2015; Govan divorced Matt Barnes in 2016. 
Is it karma or is the internet just being petty? 


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