While Kylie Jenner’s wax likeness looks more like her than SHE looks like herself, the whole internet is torn between anger and sarcasm over the newest Beyoncé  wax figurine revealed today. 

Of course there are those wondering what Kylie has even done to warrant wax worthiness, (although being a 19 year old millionaire mogul is nothing to sneeze at), especially in comparison to the Queen Bey herself. 

Still, there is no doubt that Kylie’s wax twin looks eerily identical to her, while Bey is out here looking like the “Becky with the Good Hair” she refers to in her song Sorry, Not Sorry. In fact, there are those who argue that over the years, the wax museum has NEVER gotten Bey quite right (she has been immortalized in this way several times).

What do you think of Bey and Kylie’s additions to Madam Tossauds? Have they ever even SEEN Beyoncé??


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