A vehicle veered off the road and struck pedestrians on the London Bridge, according to reports. The Metropolitan Police said they were called just after 10 p.m.(2100GMT) to reports of a vehicle hitting pedestrians on the bridge. The BBC has reported that more than one person has been killed.   

Soon after, there were reported stabbing at nearby Borough Market, an area full of bars and restaurants. Metropolitan Police sent armed officers to the scene and shots were fired, but there’s no confirmation if the officers fired the shots. Prime Minister Theresa May said it was being treated as a potential terrorist attack. The incident happened on a warm Saturday night in a area full of bars and restaurants. 

Witnesses reported seeing a white van veer off the road and hit at least six people. Another man reported seeing a man with a knife having at least a 10-inch blade and was seen stabbing a man at least three times. 


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