Not since the Nixon administration (which many of us are WAAAAY too young to remember) has there been this level of corruption in the White House. The latest “impeachable offense” comes just days after the discovery that Donald Trump leaked information on ISIS to Russia.

This time, Trump is in hot water for asking former FBI Director James Comey to stop his investigation of Michael Flynn, who was the National Security Advisor at the time. He was later fired by Trump.

The investigation was looking at whether or not Flynn had compromised sensitive information to the Russians, and Donald Trump asked Comey to stop said investigation before any conclusions had been reached. Uncomfortable with the request, Comey documented the incident with a memo that he sent out to his staff. 

You may remember, Trump sent out a tweet in the days after he fired Comey, in essence threatening him not to speak of any conversations they may have had prior to his release from his position.

This story is ongoing and developing. Many Republicans are beginning to distance themselves from President Trump in the wake of surmounting evidence of improper conduct concerning the Russians.


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