Mary J Blige, who famously sang the line “I shoulda left yo’ a** a long time ago” for the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack in 1995, is probably REALLY feeling those lyrics today, after a judge has ordered the Queen of R&B/Hip Hop to fork out $30,000 per month to her ex. 

This hefty number, however, is in fact a LOT less than what her ex husband, Kendu Isaacs, was asking for. $100,000 less. Yes. He was asking for over $130,000 per month! 

Mary’s ex husband and former manager asked for this amount to cover everything from charitable contributions to child support to clothing…you name it. Whatever he needed it for, the judge wasn’t buying it. 

Per the court’s order, Blige is ordered to pay retro spousal support and Isaac’s court costs, and ALL TOTALED, should only have to part with about $240,000.

I guess she dodged a bullet…and we can all look forward to some good music, because we KNOW Angry Mary puts ALL SHE’S GOT into her performances.

Way to go, Ms. Blige!


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